Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist

While it may be tempting to wait to pack your hospital bag until the last minute, it’s wise to start planning early. It is generally recommended to have a bag ready to go between Week 32 and Week 35 at the latest. But what exactly should you include? Making a selection that is realistic but also practical can be difficult, particularly for first time mothers. So here’s an overview of the Hospital Bag essentials you should not be without: the best part? They’re all shoppable from the comfort of your own home, so put your feet up, and let’s browse!

Let’s face it, with the birth date approaching you are likely to have labour on your mind - specifically how to get through it as painlessly as possible! And while unfortunately we cannot guarantee a painless experience, we can recommend a couple of things that will make you feel a whole lot more supported during birth. A birthing ball can be used before, during and after labour and it’s ideal for gently working through those early contractions. It will provide soothing relief for your lower back and support your healing journey as you recover in the months following birth. All our birthing balls are non-burst and safe for this purpose. A TENS Machine will also help soothing early contraction pain: these are portable and easy to use, and feature ‘booster’power for intense contractions.

Of course, maternity pads are a must – ultra thick and absorbent, we recommend you stock up to never run out when you need them. Disposable panties are also a handy option worth considering. We also recommend a Nursing Bra for your hospital stay, as, if you choose to breastfeed, you will be doing so pretty much immediately. We have a great selection of Maternity Underwear you can browse that also includes Compression Stockings. Just a reminder to ensure anything you will be wearing on baby’s arrival is washed and ready to go before you pack it.

From Midwife Spritzes to Breast Pumps, we have everything you need all in one place, right here at – and we’re 100% Irish! Have fun picking all your essentials: order today for next day delivery in Ireland!

16th Apr 2020 Susanna


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