Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
€55.99 €29.99
An upper arm blood pressure monitor designed to assist you in the monitoring and maintenance of your blood pressure. Featuring a large LCD display, the Blood Pressure Monitor offers clear readings of your blood pressure, heartbeat measurement and comes...
Serola Sacroiliac SPD Belt
€44.99 €40.99
Serola Sacroiliac SPD Belt Serola Sacroiliac SPD Belt gives day-long comfort with specific support for most low back and sacroiliac dysfunction, and excellent support for hypermobility, SPD and coxofemoral instability. It is not intended as a cure,...
Sacroiliac SPD Belt
€37.99 €28.99
Sacroiliac Belt    The importance of using the Sacroiliac Belt during and, especially, after pregnancy cannot be overemphasized. During pregnancy, the ligaments, under hormonal influences, become lax and stretch to allow the pelvis to...
Carriwell Belly Belt Extender
€24.99 €21.00
The Carriwell Maternity Flexi-Belt turns everyday pants and skirts into maternity wear. This innovative product helps moms-to-be have a preggy wardrobe based on their firm favourites, and in so doing save a small fortune on maternity wear. Each pack...
SISSEL® Sit Ring (Doughnut Cushion)
€49.99 €46.99
SISSEL® Sit Ring (Doughnut Cushion) The Sit Ring is for everyday sitting support. Use when suffering from obstructed sitting especially after surgeries of the perineum, anal lesions, hemorrhoids or during or after pregnancy Features: Treatment and...
Morning Sickness Sea-Band Mama
€9.99 €8.99
Morning Sickness Sea-Band Mama Get a Helping Hand to Relieve Your Morning Sickness Many expectant mothers suffer from morning sickness and most find their symptoms ease at around week 14, but for an unlucky few nausea and vomiting may continue throughout...
Medicare Inflatable Ring Cushion 16" The Medicare Inflatable Ring Cushion has been designed to alleviate the pressure caused by sitting down. You may wish to do this if you have piles, recently given birth or have had proctologic surgery. The cushion...
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
€59.99 €29.99
A Blood Pressure Monitor designed for use on the wrist, delivers an accurate and rapid blood pressure reading in the privacy of your own home. Featuring a large LCD display, the wrist monitor delivers clear, easy to interpret readings of your blood...
Omron M10-It Blood Pressure Monitor
€199.00 €109.99
The OMRON M10-IT is one of the most advanced home blood pressure monitors on the market. As more importance is being placed on morning hypertension, Omron leads in the industry with the launch of the M10-IT. This fully automatic blood pressure monitor...
Clippasafe Pregnancy Bump Belt
€32.99 €29.99
The innovative Bump Belt from Clippasafe is designed to make car journeys safer for mothers-to-be, reducing the movement of seat belts over the abdomen and avoiding the need for constant re-positioning.   Features: Protects mother-to-be and unborn...
Carriwell Maternity Support Band
€16.99 €13.99
The Carriwell Seamless Maternity Support Band is uniquely designed for discreet, warm and comfortable support of your back and tummy. This is achieved by gently lifting weight off the pelvis and supporting your lower back. Preventive or therapeutic, the...
Belly Bandit - Upsie Belly Support Belt with Gel Pack - Black (Medium)
Belly Bandit - Upsie Belly Support Belt with Gel Pack - Black (Medium) SIZE: Medium (38"- 43" or 97cm - 110cm) As your belly grows, you may find it uncomfortable and difficult to move with this new weight. Upsie Belly® provides immediate relief,...
Belly Bandit Mother Tucker® Leggings - Medium
Belly Bandit Mother Tucker® Leggings - Medium Our “Mother Tucker Leggings” are the best “skinny” leggings on the market.  They provide amazing compression from the waist down, specifically targeting the belly, butt and...
Compression Stockings Open Toe - Suitable for Maternity
€22.99 €19.99
Compression Stockings Open Toe - Suitable for Maternity Medicare Therapeutic Compression Stockings help promote blood circulation, reduce mild swelling and relieve tired, aching legs. Use to help relieve moderate ankle or leg swelling, moderate...
Medicare Pregnancy Support Belt
€42.50 €34.99
Medicare Pregnancy Support Belt  Relieve the strain and discomfort associated with pregnancy with the Medicare Pregnancy Support Belt. Designed using lightweight, multi layered soft cotton and nylon to offer optimal comfort and support, the belt...
Scholl Black Compression Tights Light
€22.99 €17.99
Scholl Black Compression Tights Light Compression tights that help boost circulation and give you perfectly shaped legs.  Features Your legs never knew they could feel so great! Opaque 60DN tights that look & feel fantastic.  * Graduated...