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Community Doulas – Postpartum Doula Support  


So, what exactly is a doula? The word doula comes from the Greek; it means ‘woman’s caregiver.’ A birth doula provides care and support in non-medical ways to birthing women and their families. They guide them emotionally and physically through the stages of birth with the aim of creating a positive, supported birth experience for everyone.

We are Community Doulas, DONA International-trained postpartum doulas who focus on support for the mother and her family after the birth. The emphasis is on support on their early journey in parenthood, especially during the first weeks at home with a newborn. Community Doulas meet the family with an open heart wherever they may be on this journey, providing evidence-based and non-judgemental informational support during this time.

We believe all women deserve the best support in those first precious weeks with a newborn. After all, birth is a major life event. It is one that deserves nurturing support to aid the mother’s recovery. Women’s bodies are amazing – they are able to grow another human, but they also undergo huge change during pregnancy, birth and throughout the postpartum stages which can leave the mother tired and depleted and in need of emotional and physical support during this crucial recovery time.

Community Doulas are there to offer strength, emotional, informational and practical support, so mothers can concentrate on resting, recovering, healing and simply being with their beautiful new baby. Need laundry, tidying-up, cooking? We take care of that. And if you need help understanding what your baby is telling you – we are there for that too.


By the time we have finished our care with the mother and her family, the mother will feel confident about her instincts, and feel empowered in the knowledge that she can do this! We check back in after one week, two weeks and a month to say “Hi” and see how things are going.


We never take for granted what it means to support, nurture and care for a mother and her family during this special time.


Take a look at our website and social media pages to find out more about our services and packages.


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