Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner
€220.00 €199.00
We’ve listened to your feedback, and the new Kegel8 Ultra 20 has even more outstanding features to help you get your pelvic floor strong and healthy. Kegel8 Ultra 20 has been designed with 20 clinically proven programmes to be an amazing all-in-one...
Sensatone Digital Pelvic Floor Stimulator
€70.00 €59.99
Why is your pelvic floor so important to keep in shape? Well, if you don’t know it already, having a well-toned pelvic muscles gives you: Greater bladder control Improved vaginal tone Vastly enhanced feeling and satisfaction from sexual...
Kegel8 Tight & Tone Electronic Pelvic Toner
€179.99 €148.99
The Kegel8 has been developed to make pelvic exercises quick, efficient and effective, getting straight to the problem areas, strengthening and helping you to regain more control of your pelvic area. Of those women who have already used the Kegel8, many...
Elvie Kegel Exerciser & Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Tracker Invest in yourself and enjoy the benefits of a healthy and toned pelvic floor with the new award-winning kegel exercise tracker Elvie.   As the world’s smallest kegel exercise...
Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe
€49.99 €43.99
Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe Its ergonomic shape glides easily into position and is comfortable to use. We have eliminated the protruding stem which makes seated pelvic floor exercises very uncomfortable and even impossible with most other probes...
Pericalm™ Pelvic Floor Stimulation Unit (Probe Sold Separately)
€139.99 €137.99
Pericalm™ Pelvic Floor Stimulation Unit (Probe Sold Separately) Pericalm is a neuromuscular stimulator that helps women maintain strong pelvic floor muscles and prevent incontinence. Pericalm is frequently recommended by professionals as an...
Kegel8 Lubricant & Care Pack
€12.99 €10.99
Kegel8 Lubricant & Care Pack The Kegel8 Pelvic Toner Lubricant and Care Pack contains the new formula Kegel Exercise Gel lubricant and Kegel8 Cleaning Spray and it works simply to save you money! Kegel Exercise Gel is a simple natural lubricant that...
NUK Pelvic Floor Trainer
€29.99 €24.99
To strengthen the pelvic floor after pregnancy and birth Discreet training during your day Comfortable tampon-like shape Tested by midwives Made in Germany 1 per pack NUK Pelvic Floor Trainer   The pelvic floor has an important role to play. It...
Kegel8 Periform+ Intra-Vaginal Probe
€36.99 €33.98
The Periform+ is a truly premium probe - it includes a unique optional indicator wand to give you a visual indication that your pelvic floor muscles are working properly. When the wand goes down, you know the correct muscles are being exercised which is...
Invest in your future health with the Kegel8 Biofeedback Pelvic Trainer, created to build, support and measure your pelvic floor strength. You squeeze, it measures!  Symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor include: bladder leaks, uncontrollable wind,...
Kegel8 Vaginal Cones
€49.99 €46.99
Kegel8 Vaginal Cones With Kegel8 Vaginal Cones you are one step closer to a stronger, healthier pelvic floor. Kegel8 Vaginal Cones are a clinically proven pelvic floor toning system consisting of three vaginal cones of varying weights and sizes...
Kegel8 Pelvic Toner Comfort Probe
€25.99 €22.99
Light weight and easy to use, our latest pelvic toner probe is designed for easy deep insertion for optimum connectivity with the bed of the pelvic floor. It’s neat and, as our most light-weight probe to-date you’re guaranteed comfort. To...
Pelvic Toner
€59.99 €51.00
A healthy pelvic floor is important to your health at all stages of your life. Exercising your pelvic muscles will give you increased control over your bladder and can help those who suffer from incontinence. Using this pelvic toner everyday will help...
Aquaflex® Weighted Vaginal Cones Clinically proven Aquaflex Pelvic Floor Exercise System presents a simple and effective way to strengthen your pelvic floor for lifelong continence by pelvic floor workout with weighted vaginal cones. Aquaflex has...
Neen Educator® Pelvic Floor Exercise Indicator This easy-to-use device acts as a visual aid by showing you if your muscles are contracting the way they should. Developed from the award-winning Periform® Probe, it helps you strengthen your pelvic...
Kegel8 BEAC Med Perisphera O Perineal Probe
€42.99 €37.99
Made from biocompatible plastic material Gold plated metalised nickel-free electrodes Two spherical electrodes for large stimulation area Perfect for use while lying down Can be used for EMS or biofeedback Please be aware that this probe does not come...