Elle TENS Machine (More Control For Labour + Booster)
€113.98 €87.99
The Elle TENS Digital can be used at the onset of labour. Apply the 4 pads to your back as shown in the accompanying instructions and switch the Elle TENS unit on. You will feel a pleasant pulsing sensation; this will help to increase your own pain...
Obi Tens ( Simple/Great Value + Booster)
€77.99 €62.99
The Obi TENS is simple, versatile and perfect for those painful moments during labour. It is one of the most effective, portable, affordable TENS machines available today. The Obi TENS can also be used for post labour pain such as shoulder, back, period...
Body Clock Rectangular Electrodes 40mm X 100mm
€18.99 €13.99
These Body Clock Rectangular Electrodes make the perfect supplemental addition to any TENS or EMS unit. Each electrode is self-adhesive for maximum convenience which means no tape or gel is needed – just remove the backing strip and attach as...
Pals Blue Electrodes For Sensitive Skin 5Cm X 5Cm
€28.99 €21.00
Designed for all FES and TENS mschines, PALS® Blue neurostimulation electrodes combine a patented stainless steel knit cloth and hydrogel construction with an exclusive impedance compensation system. The gel of choice for extremely sensitive skin...