Theraline C-Section Belt
€35.00 €23.99
Theraline C-Section Belt The Theraline C-Section Belt is designed to protect, support and soothe in the weeks after a caesarean, allowing you to quickly resume daily activities with more confidence. It comes with 4 inserts to create a bespoke comfort...
Serola Sacroiliac SPD Belt
€44.99 €40.99
Serola Sacroiliac SPD Belt Serola Sacroiliac SPD Belt gives day-long comfort with specific support for most low back and sacroiliac dysfunction, and excellent support for hypermobility, SPD and coxofemoral instability. It is not intended as a cure,...
Sacroiliac SPD Belt
€37.99 €28.99
Sacroiliac Belt    The importance of using the Sacroiliac Belt during and, especially, after pregnancy cannot be overemphasized. During pregnancy, the ligaments, under hormonal influences, become lax and stretch to allow the pelvis to...
SISSEL® Sit Ring (Doughnut Cushion)
€49.99 €46.99
SISSEL® Sit Ring (Doughnut Cushion) The Sit Ring is for everyday sitting support. Use when suffering from obstructed sitting especially after surgeries of the perineum, anal lesions, hemorrhoids or during or after pregnancy Features: Treatment and...
Belly Bandit - Hip Bandit™ Got post-pregnancy hips? How about giving them a little extra love with our exclusive HIP BANDIT™ Used in conjunction with your Belly Bandit® or by itself, this wrap offers the results every woman wants to...
Belly Bandit - Upsie Belly Support Belt with Gel Pack - Black (Medium)
Belly Bandit - Upsie Belly Support Belt with Gel Pack - Black (Medium) SIZE: Medium (38"- 43" or 97cm - 110cm) As your belly grows, you may find it uncomfortable and difficult to move with this new weight. Upsie Belly® provides immediate relief,...
Belly Bandit Bamboo Black (Postpartum)
€99.99 €89.99
Belly Bandit Bamboo Black The “Bamboo” Belly Bandit is our most popular style. It is made from super soft bamboo that is moisture wicking and antimicrobial. Since it is so comfortable against the skin we recommend this band for c-section...
Belly Bandit Belly Shield - Black
Belly Bandit Belly Shield™ - Black The Belly Shield™ is a companion piece to the popular Belly Bandit® post-pregnancy belly wrap (sold separately). Worn underneath your wrap, the Belly Shield™ helps protect and restore your delicate skin...
Belly Bandit Mother Tucker® Leggings - Medium
Belly Bandit Mother Tucker® Leggings - Medium Our “Mother Tucker Leggings” are the best “skinny” leggings on the market.  They provide amazing compression from the waist down, specifically targeting the belly, butt and...
Belly Bandit Original Black (Postpartum)
Belly Bandit Bamboo Black This uncovered version is the original tummy tucker that started the craze! Engineered with unique, medical-grade elastic, our powerful, latex-free, post-pregnancy secret can be adjusted to fit around the belly, waist and hips...