Baby Bath Time Safety: Everything You Need to Know

So it's time to bath your baby, but as a parent, you'll know the potential hazards of water, hot temperatures and more. Here are our top tips for ensuring that bath time goes as smoothly and safely as possible...

  1. Always supervise your baby during bath time and never leave them unattended. 
  2. Make sure the water temperature is not too hot (around 100°F) and check it with your elbow or a thermometer. We recommend the Dreambaby Room and Bath Thermometer Duck, which reads the temperature of the room and bath and doubles as a fun bath time toy!
  3. Use a baby bath tub or place a non-slip mat in your regular bath tub to prevent slips. Check out the Dreambaby® Watch-Your-Step® Anti-Slip Bath Mat With "Too Hot" Indicator for a multi-purpose bath mat!
  4. Use baby-safe, tear-free soap and shampoo, such as the Burts Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash, which is an all-in-one, tear-free wash combines a natural plant-based cleansing complex with sweet orange and lemon oils to create a nourishing formula that leaves baby's hair and skin silky soft.
  5. Gently support your baby's head and neck at all times. The Dreambaby Padded Premium Deluxe Bath Seat with Heat Sensor features a supportive backrest, contoured non-slip suction cups with easy to release tabs and extra wide leg space and a heat sensor. It's a must-have for bath time!
  6. Avoid adding toys or other items to the bath, as they can pose a choking hazard.
  7. Dry your baby thoroughly, especially in folds and creases, to prevent skin irritation and rashes.
  8. Do not let your baby near hot surfaces or running water.

By following these eight steps, you can make bath time a safe, fun experience for both you and your little one! Get your essentials here at, and enjoy Next Working Day Delivery when you place your order before 2pm!

2nd Feb 2023 Shannon


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