Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding Essentials

You’ve done your research and you’ve decided you’re ready to embark on the exciting breastfeeding journey. But you’re still feeling overwhelmed by what exactly you should be equipped with before you start… Let us guide you through the key breastfeeding essentials that will make your life a little bit easier when the time comes! 

Let us introduce you to perhaps not the most exciting item, but definitely the one you will need the most: nursing pads. Disposable and hygienic, you will use them pretty much around the clock, so it’s a good idea to stock up early to avoid running out. Caring for your breasts throughout breastfeeding is absolutely key, so have a tub of Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream handy. Trusted for generations, it’s 100% natural and the world’s safest, purest nipple cream, with no need to remove it before feeding. Items like the Silverette Nursing Cups, Multi-Mam Compresses and Lansinoh TheraPearl Therapy Pack will provide relief any time you need it. And to look after your overall health, don’t forge to take a daily multivitamin specifically formulated for breastfeeding mothers, like Vitabiotics Pregnacare Breastfeeding Supplement.

Speaking of body health, hunching over for hours on end is not exactly ideal for your back, so for yours and baby’s physical comfort a breastfeeding pillow like the Clevamama ClevaCushion is a good investment. It will also serve you well way past the breastfeeding phase: it comes with fun toys and can be used as a tummy time cushion, and later on as a high chair support, pram and car seat insert.

You should take some time to research and choose your favourite breast pump – we love the Haakaa New Mum Starter Kit because it’s so easy to use and fuss-free, perfect for first time mums. It comes with Haakaa’s best-selling, 100% eco-friendly 150ml Silicone Breast Pump.

At Pregnancy& you can also find a wide variety of breastfeeding bras from Belly Bandit as well as the clever BreastVest, which turns any top you already own into a breastfeeding top!

There is so much more to discover: shop from the comfort of your own home with Pregnancy& we are 100% Irish and we offer next day delivery around the country with An Post!

9th Jul 2020 Susanna


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