Multi-Mam Compresses - Treatment For Breastfeeding Mums

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Multi-Mam Compresses - Treatment For Breastfeeding Mums

Multi-Mam Compresses - Treatment For Breastfeeding Mums

Multi-Mam Compresses give direct relief for the discomforts experienced by breastfeeding mothers (such as pain, swelling and sensitivity). These individual compresses create moist healing conditions, prevent infection and condition the nipple area. 



 - When should I use the Compresses, before or after breastfeeding?

We recommend you use a Compress right after feeding – if used just before feeding, the moistness can make it more difficult for your baby to latch on. 

How long should I keep a Compress on my breast?

Ideally for 30 minutes; but for a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of one hour. 

How many times can I use one Compress?

Each Compress is for single use only. It should be disposed of after use for hygienic reasons. 

I don’t have any problems yet. Is it good to use the Compresses as a precaution?

Yes, it is. The Compresses are impregnated with a bio-active gel based on the patented 2QR-complex. The 2QR-complex is unique in its ability to block harmful bacteria safely and naturally. So the Compresses generate moistness, reduce the chance of bacterial infection, and optimize the condition of the skin around your nipples. 

If my baby swallows some of the gel from the Compresses, can this be harmful?

No, the gel is safe for your baby. You do not need to remove any excess gel before breastfeeding 

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  • 5
    A must-have..

    Posted by Susan on 13th Oct 2017

    A must have for new breatfeeding moms. I suffered with sore nipples and since i had these multi-mam compresses, the soreness subsided eventually... I love it

  • 5
    Must have

    Posted by Maeve on 2nd Oct 2017

    I am a firstimer mom and my nipples really suffered. My sister introduced this multi mam compresses and it is very amazing. It made me feel more comfortable with breastfeeding. Its a must have..

  • 5
    Love this

    Posted by Laura on 20th Sep 2017

    I cannot fault this product from multi-mam. It really does relieve my nipples from breastfeeding and i will recommend it to my friends!

  • 5

    Posted by Hayley on 11th Sep 2017

    I never thought that i could get away with painful nipples. My baby is always hungry all the time and that it makes my nipples sore. When i applied this, omg! i felt relived. I cannot be without this at the moment!

  • 5
    Complete relief!

    Posted by Jean on 5th Sep 2017

    Amazing product. Keep them in the fridge for ultimate relief. I have tried a lot of cheaper alternatives and nothing compares. Well worth

  • 5
    Saved me!!

    Posted by Fiona on 14th Jun 2017

    My absolute saviours! Didn't find anything that came close! Because of these I was able to continue breastfeeding - had I not found anything as soothing and reparative, I think I'd have had to give up.

  • 5
    I like this

    Posted by Debbie on 29th Aug 2016

    The one thing that helped keep me going with breast feeding when I felt like giving up, these amazing pads really do reduce the pain so much

  • 5

    Posted by Nora on 29th Aug 2016

    Such a fantastic product. I was very sore on one side due to baby latching on incorrectly. I felt like giving up breastfeeding as I was in so much pain when I fed. On using the compresses, I felt immediate relief and by the end of the day they had helped so much that I could start feeding again on my sore side. Highly recommend these for any nursing mum.