Seven Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy


Vital Vitamins

Although you should ensure you’re getting vitamins and minerals from the food you’re eating, it may be required for you to take some supplements recommended by your midwife or GP. Expectant mothers will require extra folic acid, calcium and iron during pregnancy. At we stock a wide range of medically-approved pregnancy vitamins and supplements.


Treat Yourself

A visit to the salon is a great pick-me-up during pregnancy. Massage is a wonderful option, with many therapists now certified in specialised pregnancy massage. Ensure you tell the beauty therapist that you are pregnant, as there are some restrictions and  rules in place for pregnant women.

Managing Stress

It’s vital you take time out to look after yourself and actively try and reduce stress and anxiety during your pregnancy. Gentle exercise like walking or yoga are wonderful for relieving tension, and there are lots of prenatal yoga classes popping up around the country. Do check in with a healthcare professional before you take on any new exercise regime.


Healthy Eating

Fruit, vegetables and fibre are great additions to your diet during pregnancy. Eat a good breakfast and eat healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up. Drink plenty of water and avoid raw eggs, certain high in mercury fish, unpasteurised foods and undercooked meats. Herbal teas are a great option when you want a cosy hot drink.


Look After Your Feet

With pregnancy often comes water retention, good pair of maternity compression stockings may help. Make a habit of flexing your feet to keep your circulation going, and try and avoid wearing heels. Your body tissue can soften during pregnancy, so your ankles may be weaker than normal. Footwear with arch support is key.


Comfy Clothes

You’ll be living in cosy leggings to see you through to the end of your pregnancy. At the start it’s fine to just size up in normal clothing when you’re not quite at the maternity wear stage. After your bump pops you might try empire waist garments to keep your tummy comfortable. Maternity Support Belts are also a godsend and at we stock a great range of maternity support belt from brands such as Belly BanditMedicare & Carriwell


Tackling Tiredness

Sleeping and eating properly gives you the best defence against fatigue. Early nights and cat naps can also help keep you energised. Short walks can also help with your energy levels.


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