MooseNoose Toddler Safety Harness

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MooseNoose Toddler Safety Harness

Keep little adventurers safe and allow unconfined exploration. Use the new and improved Moose Noose Toddler Safety Harness in a busy street, car park, shopping mall or airport. Perfect for travelling with little ones; a great help with twins or when you have a toddler and baby!


  • Your toddler has freedom of movement and exploration yet they are safely secured right next to you.
  • The child-proof double velcro strap means your toddler can't remove the strap by themselves.
  • The coiled one metre-stretch means your child can't run into a street, in front of a car or across a carpark.
  • Our unique 360 degree spinning connector ensures no tangles or twists.
  • Neoprene lining inside the wrist straps allows for cool comfort.


Size: Approx. 1 metre stretch.

Box Contains

1x MooseNoose Toddler Safety Harness


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