Haakaa Silicone Breast Milk Storage Set Grey - 4pk (2x160Ml, 2x250Ml)

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The Haakaa Silicone Breast Milk Storage Set are completely airtight therefore perfect for keeping food fresh and preserving the amazing beneficial properties found in breast milk. The silicone breast milk storage set are fully compatible with the Haakaa Generation 3 breast pump and the rest of our silicone bottle attachments.

The Silicone Breast Milk Storage Set comes with 2 x 160ml and 2 x 250ml silicone containers with sealing disks.


  • Compatible with Haakaa silicone milk bottle and generation 3 breast pump flange for expressing directly into the bottle
  • Made of food-grade silicone, PPSU and food grade PP
  • Leak proof lid
  • Easy to read ml and ounce measurements
  • Wide base to help prevent accidental spills
  • Safe in microwaves, sterilisers and boiling water
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate-free.

Cleaning and Care:
Clean after each use. We strongly recommend cleaning and sterilising this product with any steam sterilising system or by boiling in water for 3-5 minutes. Do not use any bleach-based agents or sterilising tablets to clean this product. Do not boil PP attachment ring.  Do not use UV sterilisers to clean this product as it may impact the lifespan of your containers.

Caution: Check product condition regularly. Replace if this product shows any signs of damage. Only soft bristle brushes or soft sponges should be used to clean this product. Exposure to detergent may make the silicone in this product appear cloudy.



Haakaa Silicone Breast Milk Storage Set Grey - 4pk (2x160Ml, 2x250Ml) Reviews

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