Nesting During Pregnancy : What is it and Why Do We Do It?

You may be familiar with the term "nesting". It's a term used to describe organising the home in preparation for the arrival of your new baby. This may include cleaning and decorating the nursery and other rooms within your home.

Why do we nest during pregnancy?

Generally, nesting is believed to be a natural instinct that occurs during pregnancy, and is often described as a sign that the mother is getting ready for the baby's arrival.

What stage of pregnancy does nesting occur?

Nesting varies from person to person, but people generally nest during the later stages of pregnancy, typically in the third trimester. Perhaps as this is when expectant mothers may feel the most physically and emotionally prepared for the arrival of their baby.

What are some common nesting habits?

Some common nesting habits that women may experience during pregnancy include:

  • Cleaning and organizing the home, including the nursery
  • Decorating the nursery and preparing it for the baby
  • Making a list of baby items that need to be purchased
  • Preparing meals and stocking the pantry in preparation for after the baby is born
  • Sewing or knitting baby clothes or blankets
  • Organizing and sorting through baby clothes and gear
  • Deep cleaning of the entire house
  • Rearranging furniture
  • Building or assembling baby furniture
18th Jan 2023


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