Babyproofing Checklist

Babyproofing Checklist

Any parent knows that, when it comes to babyproofing, you can never be too careful – but while nothing replaces adult supervision, there are a number of key steps you can take to ensure all the basics are covered before baby starts exploring its surroundings. Here’s a quick checklist for your convenience -consider it your to do list!

The Bathroom:

  • Always keep cosmetics, medicines and supplements out of reach, ideally locked away.
  • To avoid any falls, ensure to have an anti-slip bath mat for your baby’s bath time. Bonus points if it can visually tell you the temperature of the water, like this Dreambaby Anti-Slip Bath Mat with ‘Too Hot’ indicator!
  • Speaking of hot water, we recommend turning down your water heater to prevent scalding.

The Kitchen:

  • Install cabinets and appliance locks
  • A stove top guard is a must in any kitchen, as it will protect from burns, scalds and gas leaks. This Dreambaby Stove Top guard is transparent, so it won’t interfere with your cooking.
  • Consider natural alternatives to chemical cleaning products: a simple solution of half vinegar, half water in a spray bottle is as powerful as any detergent to cut through grease – with none of the toxic side effects!

The Living/ Dining area:

  • Securely roll up blind cords out of the way
  • If your living area has a fireplace, consider blocking it off with a fire guard.
  • Anchor TVs and any wobbly furniture safely to the wall
  • Cover any sharp edges with bumpers or guards

The Stairs:

  • Install a child safety gate

The Bedroom:

  • Keep toys within reach and never up high
  • Install window locks
  • Consider a baby monitor to guarantee your peace of mind while baby sleeps. This Angelcare Baby Breathing & Sound Monitor works with a Sensor Pad under your baby’s mattress, where it senses patterns in movement and will instantly alert you if something is up.

With so many rooms to cover, it pays to shop in one single place: order online from, save yourself time and money and get your purchases delivered straight to your door! And did you know we are 100% Irish? Order today for next day delivery nationwide!

8th Nov 2019 Susanna


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