Top 5 Tips to Help Prepare For Labour


Preparing For Labour

Preparing to give birth is an exciting and daunting time and there are a lot of things to consider. By being as prepared as possible, you’ll be less anxious about being ready for your little one and you’ll avoid those last-minute panics.

Top Tips

Pelvic Floor Exercises

By doing pelvic floor exercises, you’ll prepare your pelvic muscles for the pressure of childbirth. Your pelvic floor supports your uterus, bowels and bladder and a weak floor can cause urinary incontinence. By doing them regularly you’ll reduce your risk of urinary continence after your baby is born. stock a wide range of pelvic toners that can aid in strengthening the pelvic muscles.

Keep Active

By exercising during pregnancy you will find it easier to manage as your body changes and will make getting back into shape after birth much easier. You may need to slow down on your normal exercise regime on medical recommendations, but even a little walk every day can do wonders. Swimming and yoga classes are a great low-impact option, just make sure the instructors are properly qualified and informed of your pregnancy.

Do Your Research

Ask all the questions you need to feel in control of your body as your pregnancy progresses. Attending antenatal classes and having a chat with your doctor or midwife can make you feel more in control and calm about giving birth.

Perianal Massage

The perineum is the area between your vagina and anus and it may become torn or bruised during labour. By massaging your perineum, you can reduce the risk of requiring an episiotomy (a surgical cut to the perianal area which is offered if there is a concern for you and your baby during labour).  Apply lubrication with clean hands to the area and insert thumbs 2cm into the vagina. When a tingling is felt, massage the vaginal walls and opening for a few minutes in a u-motion. This should be done 3-4 times weekly once you pass 35 weeks.

Someone To Count On

Having a friend, husband, wife or partner with you will help you stay calm during labour. They can offer massages, words of support and a relaxing presence.

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