Early Signs Of Labour


As your third and final trimester comes to a close, you’re probably waiting for a signal that labour is about to begin. Here are a couple of indicators that your little one will be making an appearance soon.

An Early Sign

The appearance of your abdomen may change as your baby moves down from under your ribs in preparation for birth. This process is called ‘lightening’ as you will experience a release of pressure on your diaphragm and an ability to breathe easier.

Your Waters

Your waters breaking feel different depending on the person, so it could be a trickle or a gush of clear or light pink fluid. The amniotic sac surrounding your baby rupturing is the cause here. Once your waters have broken, get to your hospital as soon as possible


Contractions and Show

Your contractions might begin as a vague lower back or period type pain, but they soon occur at more regular and shorter intervals, and become more intense as they progress. The mucus plug that sealed your cervix will loosen and you might notice some bloody discharge. This is called the ‘show’, but you may miss it if you are using the toilet at the time.

Go Straight To The Hospital If...

●     Your baby is moving at a reduced rate
●     If the waters break
●     If your waters break without any prior labour pains
●     If the pressure starts to feel like you need to go to the toilet or push
●     If you feel at all unwell or uncomfortable

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