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Newborn babies adore their sleep, with many snoozing for up to 18 hours a day, but most will wake when hungry every couple of hours. Every baby has a unique sleeping pattern, and it cannot be stressed enough that sleep safety precautions are crucial to reduce the risk of SIDS.

For the first six months, it’s best that baby stays in the room with you. This helps with their baby feeding and sleep habits, and lets them be close enough to sense you for those first few precious months. The Chicco Next2Me Crib is an ideal crib for baby and mum while baby is staying in your room.

It’s important to always place your baby on their back with their feet touching the cot, even for short periods. It’s also not recommended to bring your baby into bed with you, as accidents do unfortunately happen.

What’s the best temperature for my baby’s room?

If your baby’s room is too warm, or they have too much bedding they are at risk of overheating. The ideal temperature for your child’s comfort and safety is between 16 and 20 °C, and you can monitor the temperature with a special room thermometer.

Building a good sleeping routine

  • As babies get older, it is important that they nap in their usual sleep environment as opposed to buggies or car seats to build a good routine.
  • Don’t worry if your baby is a bit cranky when you put them down to sleep.
  • Early on, try to maximise the differences between your day and night routines. Keep the house bright during the day and noise and light to a minimum in the evenings. This is vital for your baby’s own internal body clock.
  • Ensure the place where your baby sleeps is calm and peaceful.

Flat Spots

Don’t worry if the back of your baby’s head is a little flat, this is because their heads are still quite soft early on - it’s called positional plagiocephaly and usually resolves itself after the first year of their life. You can also alternate the tilt of their head every time you put them down to snooze. The Babymoov Lovenest baby head positioner has been created and patented by a french pediatrician to prevent from flat head.

Cellular Blankets - Comfort and Safety

Wrapping your baby in too many blankets can cause them to overheat, but cellular blankets have small holes allowing air to circulate while keeping them warm. They’re the recommended blanket for young babies, helping to regulate their body temperature.

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