Antenatal Classes - A Vital Step


Antenatal classes can provide you with wonderful and useful information and skills to help you and your partner prepare for baby’s arrival.

All major Irish maternity hospitals run antenatal classes given by experts in midwifery, dietetics and physiotherapy. Your partner is invited to attend most of the classes, and it’s recommended they do so.

Generally you attend antenatal classes from about 28 weeks and you can find information about your respective hospital’s offerings online.

The classes have a number of great benefits:

  • Building your confidence in your body pre-labour.
  • Sharing your concerns with experts and other expectant parents.
  • Discussing pain relief options like massage, TENs machines, breathing and medicine.
  • Learning about the emotional aspects of becoming a parent.
  • Breastfeeding advice. In Ireland the policy is to actively encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies, so the benefits and technique are explained in great detail. List of active Lactation Consultants in Ireland.
  • Looking after your health during pregnancy.  

Classes run by maternity hospitals are usually free of charge to attending patients, but classes operated in towns around the country are subject to a fee and are operated on a private basis.

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