And Breathe...The Benefits Of Pregnancy Yoga


Keeping active during pregnancy is so important, and yoga is the perfect exercise for expectant mums. If you want to keep fit but also reduce your stress levels, prenatal yoga is ideal.

Yoga has so many benefits for both you and your baby. Your balance and coordination will improve which ensures stability for your child, and deep breathing ensures a good supply of oxygen for you both. Yoga can reduce swelling and heartburn, and ease the discomfort from cramping and restless legs. By practicing yoga your stamina will improve, often meaning a shortened labour and fewer medical interventions.  

Your mental health will feel the benefits too, with yoga releasing tension and fears, enhancing your concentration and making you feel more positive. Your self-confidence will grow, and your sleep will be more regular and better quality. Other mothers in the class can provide a great support network in a calming environment.

Post-birth, yoga can help you in those early weeks of broken sleep and can boost lactation if you’re breastfeeding. A relaxed mum usually means a relaxed little one.

It’s best to wait until after 16 weeks to begin practicing prenatal yoga regularly, as it’s only after that your placenta is secured in the uterine wall. It can be safely done then until full term. Finding a class with a qualified teacher is the most important step.

At we have a complied a list of Pregnancy Pilates, Pregnancy Yoga and Post Natal Yoga and Pilates classes in your area to help you find the most suitable one for your needs.


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