Sleeping Soundly - A Guide For New Parents


Figuring out your baby’s sleeping pattern and ensuring you are doing everything you can to create a safe sleeping environment are two vital parts of establishing a routine for your new family.

For the first six months of your little one’s life, they should sleep in your room with you. Being close to their parents can help with bonding and improve their sleeping and feeding habits. You should always place your baby on their back for sleep, even naps, and it’s not recommended to have your baby sleep in the bed with you.


Keeping your baby’s room at a safe temperature is important to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The ideal room temperature is between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius and you can keep an eye on that with a room thermometer. If your little one is sweating or has a hot abdomen, remove some of the bedding. It’s also perfectly normal for their little hands and feet to be cooler. Cellular Cotton Blankets which are ideal for bedding and reduce the risk of SIDS, as well as a variety of other products to maximise your baby’s comfort.

Encouraging good habits

●     Keep the house bright and airy during the day, and lower the lighting during the evening so your baby’s internal body clock gets a little developmental help.
●     Establish a good evening routine.
●     Ensure your baby’s room isn’t too noisy.
●     Don’t worry if your baby makes a little fuss when you put them down to sleep.
●     Don’t allow people to smoke in your house.
●     Keep toys and objects away from your sleeping baby.
●     Breastfeeding can reduce the risk of SIDS.
●     Never fall asleep on the couch with your baby.
●     Always make sure your baby’s feet are touching the base of the cot or Moses basket.

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