InHealth Digital Basal Thermometer For Fertility Charting

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InHealth Digital Basal Thermometer

The InHealth Digital Basal Thermometer allows a woman to determine her body temperature for basal body temperature (BBT) charting purposes. Designed specifically for fertility charting, it provides a Celsius result to 2 decimal places.

How does the InHealth digital basal thermometer help?

Basically there is a slight temperature drop just before ovulation occurs and then a distinct temperature rise of about 0.20 to 0.50 degrees Celsius after ovulation takes place. By plotting your temperature change during your cycle you will know when you have ovulated.


Consider These Advantages:

  • Digital display reads to 2 decimal places in C (e.g. 37.00).
  • Display range: 32.00~43.00oC
  • Peak-temperature indicator sound.
  • Perfect for fertility charting
  • This basal thermometer has a memory recall. To recall the last temperature press and hold down the button. Each new reading will overwrite the previous temperature in memory recall. 
  • Includes FREE ovulation chart & user manual

What is Basal Body Temperature?

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) is the lowest temperature attained by the body during rest period or sleep. It is measured immediately after waking up and before any physical activity has been done.

Fertility Chart

Free Ovulation Chart Included in box

InHealth Digital Basal Thermometer For Fertility Charting Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Great Thermometer

Posted by Georgia on 31st Aug 2017

Works well. It takes up to two minutes to get a reading. Its small. I keep it right next to my bed. The readings are up to the hundredth. They seem accurate to me. I get different numbers often as opposed to the same preset numbers on other therometers

good product

Posted by Vivienne on 30th Aug 2017

This basal thermometer seems to be very accurate and has worked well for me. It does beep a few times when you are done taking your temperature but I find it more helpful than annoying. I would definitely buy a product from this company again!!