Hospital Bag Checklist


As your due date draws near, you may find more people asking you about the status of your hospital bag. It’s best to have your bag ready to go from about 32 weeks to be prepared if you go into labour a little earlier than anticipated.

You may not think that you’ll need a lot of items, but several days on a maternity ward with a newborn means a pretty long list of things to bring. At, we have all those little things you’ll need for that special day. From labour essentials to the important post pregnancy essentials after baby is born, we have you covered.

For You:

●     An old nightdress or big t-shirt for labour
●     A wide neck nightdress for ease of feeding
●     Disposable maternity pads
●     Old or disposable underwear
●     Maternity bra
●     Cosy dressing gown
●     Comfy slippers
●     Toiletries, hair products, moisturiser
●     Nail polish remover if you find you need to go the the operating theatre
●     Snacks if you’re peckish on the ward
●     Your medicines
●     Phone and charger
●     A book or a tablet to occupy the time
●     Cosy clothes for leaving the hospital

●     Manual Breast Pump


For your birthing partner

●     Change for parking
●     Phone charger
●     A book/magazine
●     Toothbrush and deodorant
●     List of contacts
●     Change of tshirt/jumper

For the baby

●     6 babygrows and 6 vests (prewashed with non-bio detergent)
●     Newborn nappies
●     Prewashed cosy towel
●     Cotton balls
●     5 or 6 bibs
●     2 cotton blankets
●     A cardigan and a hat


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