Coming Home With Baby


Home From The Hospital

Remember to bring warm and comfortable clothing for yourself and your new arrival to arrive home in. If you are bringing a blanket ensure you place it over the secured car seat.

A Learning Curve

You’re going to feel nervous with a newborn at home, and it’s best to give you and your family time to settle in and keep your little one away from people with colds and flu. Hand hygiene is also crucial during the first few days.


Make sure you have a comfortable and cosy place to feed your baby, with plenty of water and blankets on hand. Nursing pillows are a godsend for breastfeeding mums. As your baby needs more nourishment, you should look at your breast pumping options. This is especially important if you’ll need to pump to allow for a return to work. If you are bottle feeding, you’ll need bottle, storage containers, formula and that all important steriliser.

Baby Proofing

Don’t get too overwhelmed when it comes to baby proofing initially, just do it in small increments. You can baby proof for the infant stage and re-evaluate your needs when they start crawling and walking.

VIP List

Include your GP, midwife, HSE health centre number and relatives on a list and pin it up on a noticeboard so you always have it to hand.

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