Bathing Your Newborn Baby - Things To Keep In Mind


Bathing your baby is a brilliant bonding experience, but it’s totally normal to be nervous of it for the first while. Young babies and newborns only need to be bathed up to three times a week, as you don’t want to strip the natural oils that can help to prevent infection.

Steps For A Great Bathtime Experience

Method 1: Topping and Tailing

  • Fill a bowl or a sink with warm water and place your baby on a clean towel to speed up the drying process after you’ve finished.
  • Dip a piece of cotton wool in the water and squeeze it out, using a piece for each eye to gently clean the area.
  • Use more damp cotton wool to clean around your baby’s ears, while avoiding the ear canal.
  • Wipe your baby’s face, neck and hands using fresh pieces of cotton wool for each area. The white vernix on their skin will come off in time, there’s no need to scrub it off.
  • Take extra care cleaning your baby’s bottom and use a barrier cream to keep moisture in and prevent dryness.
  • Gently pat them dry, paying special attention to the little creases on their body and apply a light layer of moisturiser if needed.

Method 2: Using The Bathtub

  • A small plastic baby bath is advised to help you hold them safely as you bath them.
  • Never fill the bath more than waist high in a sitting position for your baby or small child. Keep the temperature between 36-38 °C - a bath thermometer can be great. Remember to swirl the water to get rid of any hotspots.
  • Support your baby’s back head and neck with one arm as you gently wash them with the other.
  • Repeat the process with cotton wool as above, paying attention to creases and behind the ears.
  • Wrap both your hands around your baby’s chest under their arms, taking care that their head is supported. Gently dry them off as quickly as possible and moisturise them if needed.

Cleaning Baby’s Nose

Feeding can sometimes be difficult if your baby has the sniffles, but a nasal bulb or infant aspirator can help suck the mucus out of their airways and make them much more comfortable!

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